We produce very precise rotation parts based on documentation given by the customer. In most cases, production is manufactured from bar material in the diameter of Ø 8 - 65mm. We are able to machine larger parts up to a diameter of Ø 180 mm in serial production from particulate material (piece material, forgings, castings and stampings).

Machine components are made of different metallic materials. Most often we machine free-cutting steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and its alloys, copper and its alloys etc. Production runs in batches of about 1 000 to 10 000 pieces according to the complexity of the part. Overall, our company produces annually 6 million pieces of individual machine components. Our internal database of parts contains nearly 2 000 different items. Based on an agreement we also carry out the subsequent assembly of simple units. If necessary, we are able to provide the subsequent surface finishing and heat treatment.


The company has advanced machines from renowned Japanese manufacturers such as Mazak, Nakamura-Tome, Takamaz. The machines are purchased with the greatest possible equipment, which allows for the machining of complete parts in one operation. We work 5 days a week in three shifts. Currently we use 29 CNC machines for production:

  • 26 CNC turning centers
  • 2 Swiss lathe CNC machines
  • 1 twin palette milling (drilling) CNC machine

 The production process is fully connected to the internal information system, which contains an extensive database of products. All important data information concerning production is saved for each individual part for example: production documentation, packing regulations, data for adjustment, measurement protocols and so on. All production operations which are necessary to be carried out, have a unique barcode and ongoing operations are reported online in the system.

NC programs are prepared either for dialogues directly on the machine or mediating external CAD/CAM software AlphaCAM, GibbsCAM and possibly Mazatrol.


Our company has taken big steps forward in the area of control and measurement in recent years. We measure using the latest equipment from the company Mitutoyo, Renishaw and Keyence. For production needs, we have a laboratory on hand with a 3D CNC coordinate machine and two shop laboratories equipped with the necessary equipment. The center of each workshop is equipped with a measuring column, where gauges shared for multiple workstations are available. Routine gauges are available directly at the machine.

An internal control component is performed on the fully automated robotic device AstroBOX, which was developed by our company. This unattended work site allows for continuous monitoring without human intervention. We currently have in live production 6 AstroBOX.



The company has its origins in 1992, when the company owner Miroslav Dušek was in the business of renting of properties. Since 1994 the company has been operating in the village of Třemošná which is only a few kilometers from the capital of West Bohemia, Pilsen. The company itself ASTRO KOVO PLZEŇ Ltd. It was founded in 1998.

We specialize in custom-made, mainly mass production of precision rotating parts. We produce on high tech CNC machining centers. We are oriented to a larger volume of orders for foreign companies and the subsequent export of our manufactured parts to the whole world. We currently employ more than 60 employees and produce in an area of 2 000 m².

Firm history

Started doing business in rented properties
Construction of own production areas in Třemošná
Company ASTRO KOVO PLZEŇ Ltd. was founded
Certified quality by ČSN EN ISO 9001
Construction of company administration building
Extension of the new warehouse for bar material
Establishing a branch in Kraslice
Opening a new production hall in Třemošná
Introduction of information system Byznys
Finished second production hall in Třemošná

Program title: OP PIK Inovace

Registration number: CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/15_014/0000067

Project title: Thrust bearing of control  ASTRO KOVO PLZEŇ Ltd.


The project addresses the improvement of utility properties of the thrust bearing for control. This improvement was achieved through optimization of the construction, assembly automation and production automation. Thanks to the achieved goals of the project there was an increase in demand and the need to increase production capacity. The acquisition of the manufacturing technologies for a new method of production and assembly is co-financed by the European Union.

Volná místa

  • Obsluha CNC soustružnických center
  • Programátor CNC soustružnických center.

Vaše životopisy posílejte na nebo volejte na 377 883 211.


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